What is Warm Charlotte

We are a group of small business owners in Charlotte, North Carolina who are working to do some real, tangible good in the community this winter.  All of our respective organizations are heavily involved with Charlotte’s homeowners, and in various ways, we come across many people who own more “stuff” than they really want… or need.  Many of these items are often thrown away or transferred to storage facilities, never to be seen or used again.  We want to change that paradigm.

We are creating a mobile drop-off center through which our clients can donate their cold-weather goods (jackets, hat, scarves, blankets, towels, etc.) ahead of the cold winter months, so that we may deliver them to the shelters and families that need them most.  Environmental exposure-related deaths, hypothermia and frostbite pose an especially high threat to homeless individuals around the world during the winter months.  Without shelter and often without proper protection against the elements, those in need face constant decisions between food, medicine and sufficient attire for cold weather.  It comes as no surprise that cold weather attire often takes the lowest priority in that scenario.

There are many ways in which you can help, the first of which is to bring winter clothes and other cold-weather items to our mobile donation center on any Sunday in November.  We will be in the parking lots at various shopping centers around the Charlotte area.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or come back to this site to receive updates on where we will be each Sunday.  You can also donate to the cause by clicking on our donation page here to submit a donation.  Every donation helps.

Who We Are:

Providence Property Management – Residential property managers specializing in working with individual homeowners who want to rent their Charlotte home or condo without the hassle of finding tenants and handling ongoing maintenance issues

Simplicity Organizers – With their team of professional organizers, Simplicity works with individuals and families to de-clutter, simplify, and create systems, bringing order to their lives and homes.  In a world dictated by deadlines, cell-phones, and endless emails, it is often difficult to maintain a balanced life.  Simplicity is your solution.

Captain Clutter – Providing Charlotte’s premier de-cluttering and re-sale services across the city, “the Captain” offers the greenest, most efficient and most cost-effective solution to getting rid of all that junk you’ve been holding on to for years!

The Queen City Style – Local fashion blogger and stylist Whitley Hamlin assists Charlotte residents with creating aesthetically beautiful, stylish spaces in which to live, work and play.  She also styles clothing and outdoor spaces for special events in the Queen City.

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